1. Can I Change My Address On My Order?

That is not a problem! Please make sure to email us to change the address for your order. We understand that accidents happen. Email alisterbeautycustomerservice@gmail.com as soon as you place your order. Products are shipped within 3-5 days. If your email is not received within this time period, it will be shipped to the address listed on the order.

2. Can I Substitute Coconut Oil If I Am Allergic?

We understand that some of our A-Lister's have allergies. Please note that all of our ingredients is listed on our products. If you do not want coconut oil in your products, email alisterbeautycustomerservice@gmail.com. The coconut oil will be replaced with vitamin E and/or sweet almond oil.

3. How Can I Request the Scent of My Product to Be Subtle? 

All of our products are very strong when it comes to scent. That is why A-Lister's like you love our products. If you want your scent to be subtle, email alisterbeautycustomerservice@gmail.com as soon as you place your order. If your email is received after shipment, no refunds or exchanges will be accepted. 

4. What Is the Best Product for Men?

A-Lister Beauty is for both men and women. On the other hand, our male consumers do love our peppermint scrub and lavender body oil.

5. Can I Use the You Glow Queen Serum for My Face and Body?

The You Glow Queen serum is one of our most versatile products yet. This is probably why it is our best selling product. This product is the only one suitable for both face and body. This serum is great to add a glow to your body too!

6. Can I Use the Body Scrubs for My Face?

We would highly not suggest applying our body scrubs on your face. On the other hand, they make great hand scrubs. 

7. Do I Receive A Free Gift When I Place An Order?

Every single order comes with a free gift. No matter if you order one item, every customer receives a gift. We appreciate every customer letting our products be apart of their beauty routine.